Website! A crucial to Fat Businesses

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An established company with corporate deals can cultivate a lot from a website. The websites are not just used to provide basic information about the company but can be used to extend its media coverage and print by advertising the services it offers. A company website is readily used to share company related news, policies, changes, achievements, events to both clients and its employees. BY this, the potential investors can also have a look at the current strategies and can solicit online.

It entirely depends on the company’s market that evolves out the way a variety of other customer services can be supplied. In case of manufacturing, the customers need products based on interactive forms on the site that too can be customized. The website can deal with this by giving a platform and various other benefits, such as:

  • A right website can be a best tool to promoting the business.
  • Website can serve you even when there is night in one of the places on the earth rather than limiting themselves to your opening timings.
  • Website can get you to domestic as well as international clients.
  • Well designed websites can impact your business positively and makes more established strategies or competition in the market.

The Boredbees Tech Solutions facilitates web solutions that provide a result oriented approach, domain expertise, technical proficiency, and in depth knowledge of a particular domain. Boredbees always forge ahead to ensure the successful delivery to all our web related queries. Anand G Naik, the Managing Director and CEO of Boredbees has visualized when it comes to web design and development their respective enterprise, requirements, adaptability, dependence, and many others. In short, the CEO handles the services with a deep eye on the business critical matters and assists the clients for smooth technological issues.


The world has gone mobile have you?

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The most important game-changer in a trade is the setting up and implementation of a plan that is planned to boost the development, sustainability and identification of that business. The current wave of progression and growth highly depends upon the wise use of technology and Mobile App Development is one such technology that is benefiting various companies in order to maximize their profits.

We all are very well aware of the fact that with the invention of mobile phones, life became easier and communication became simplified. Now mobile phones have become an inseparable part of a person’s personal and professional life

In the past couple of years the usage of mobile phones has increased at an astonishing rate. Experts from Boredbees explain that most of the companies have slowly but surely acknowledged the potential that Mobile Apps possess in order to increase the interaction between a company and its target customers.

While planning to invest in Mobile Apps for your business you must consider all the aspects of it. Always choose a reliable and experienced company to develop customized apps for your business as this would help to increase the chances of success of that App and minimize the chances of any technical glitches that might crop up. You must keep in mind that an App can prove to be a very beneficial element to promote your business on a vast level only if it is developed by efficient service provider.


Boredbees: Revolutionizing the health care sector through technology

Anand G Naik CEO of Boredbees

BoredBees Tech Solutions India (P) Ltd. supplies the clients with extensive variety of noteworthy healthcare applications, tech solutions and other services. This organization was established in 2011 by Anand G Naik who began his first Entrepreneurial endeavor at a young age of 18 soon after finishing his schooling education. With no foundation of entrepreneurial legacy, he founded the organization with just two workers and today it is a group of 50 tech wizards working from three different locations. This young businessman has tasted success at a very young age and he is determined to expand his business to achieve new levels of success. He has additionally been honored with the Young Entrepreneur 2013 award by Ratan Tata and Narayan Murthy at the TiECON Hubli Chapter.

In India, numerous mobile health deployments work for supporting people with great and effective solutions for health related troubles. Furthermore, they also work for enhancing the effectiveness of healthcare workforce and frameworks but there is a huge scope of improvement in this particular sector. Understanding the colossal potential that mobile technology offers, BoredBees began creating Android applications to spread awareness, regarding the health care sector, amongst the ordinary citizens. BoredBees has the pride of creating many Android Applications for the improvement of individuals and the health care sector.

Common mistakes made while hiring IT Consultant


Hiring an IT consultant can be a smart business move, but you must be aware of some common mistakes which often happen while hiring IT consultants. No matter what services these professionals offer, you can drive maximum benefit for your company by taking the time to protect your needs and make a smooth transition. After all, the IT consultant’s job is to help you. Here are some common mistakes that people make during the process of hiring an IT consultant which must be avoided:

Ignoring and verifying the standards for compensation which is being formulated by the company is one of the biggest mistakes which people often made selecting the IT consultant.   If you are offering little amount to the specialist then it might be possible for you to face the risk of having work of poor and inferior quality. At the same time, unawareness regarding the market rate can make you pay too high for the service, which you might not require. Firstly you must get familiarize with compensation rates so that you can end up by hiring an ethical and experienced IT specialist.

Conducting a formal interview before making the final selection will always be helpful. It is important to check the level of knowledge and skills of the consultant.  As the hired consultant will have to work with your staff, so it becomes mandatory for him/her to have the attitude of working with other client apart from possessing the IT skills.

Do not forget to get the professional sign a letter of confidentiality. It is another top mistake made when hiring an IT consultant. A company must always be ready to protect its confidential data. A company must ensure to make a confidential agreement with the IT Consultant so that even he/she could take precautionary measures to protect the important information.

Boredbees Tech Solutions offers comprehensive IT consultancy to help your business keep up with technology and let you drive maximum from the information technology.

Important Tips on e-Commerce Website Design

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Ecommerce web design includes exchange of business related data through both an Electronic Data Interchange and other web based technologies. An exceptional part of this sort of exchange of business data is that everything is done without expecting to utilize any paper. Recently, Ecommerce has turn into an indispensable piece of current internet usage. This specific sort of exchange permits you to work together over the internet. At the point when every one of these PCs is connected together a network is made.

The pleasant thing about directing business by means of the internet is that it permits you to do shop online and you can likewise download as well as sell software online. The best part about Ecommerce is that it permits you to work together on a worldwide level. This idea includes working together rapidly and with more noteworthy proficiency.

The main essential part of such plan obliges you to give careful consideration to your clients. Clients who visit your site will need to discover what they are searching for without an excessive amount of whine or trouble. One design tip that can help your business succeed is that of highlighting a couple of your items with a fundamental blaze presentation.

Besides, concentrate for the most part on convenience. A decent Ecommerce web design is one that makes it simple for clients to move starting with one item then onto the next. It is consequently essential for you to verify that the client has an alternative of including and erasing things effortlessly, and besides, you additionally need to make their shopping knowledge simple and easier to understand.

Boredbees provides high quality and pixel perfect e-Commerce designing services to businesses to have remarkable online presence.

Software QA & Testing Services: Why You Should Outsource It?

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Software testing has become an integral phase of the software development life cycle (SDLC). Testing is the process in which you can locate bugs in the developed software product and get them fixed adequately through developers. Quality of the software cannot be ignored even for once since it affects the performance of the software, and therefore before delivering the final product to the client, it is important to let them get through QA and testing process.

Most of the software development companies prefer hiring a dedicated resource for the software quality testing as this leads to improper and ineffective utilization of developer’s skill set. Sometimes, the testing requirements can demand extensive resource requirements, while sometimes it can be managed through internal resources. However, it’s not feasible to keep a QA team on board within your organization.

Now a question must be arising in your mind–why can’t developers test the software since they’ve developed the software, and hence they’re expected to be better at dealing with such bugs?  No doubt, there are many companies still not fully convinced about the requirements of software testing services, and that they feel that the programmers and developers are the best judge of the software. Hence, these organizations vote for bug-hunting job to be conducted by the developers.

As a matter of fact, quality is the key element that cannot be compromised on. So, it can be infused in the development process itself. An outsourced testing can screen the code quality upfront. However once the entry of the different components of the software delivered by different developers in the team start flowing in, some functional defects can be anticipated to creep in to the software. Boredbees specializes in providing QA & testing service. Our Testers help in reducing quality assurance issues and allow clients to focus on their core business operations.

3 Services to enhance e-commerce experience


Nowadays an increasing number of customers are moving towards the e-commerce websites; to make their life more convenient .E-commerce world is evolving very fast. As there are many e-commerce sites effectively present to facilitate the shopping background for the clients, so an ecommerce configuration turns into the crucial component for the accomplishment of these destinations.

In this article ,Boredbees Tech solutions provides few ways which must be kept in core interest before planning a site for e-trade organizations :

  • Customers dependably favor an all around looked after site. Legitimate visual about the items and administrations is the most critical part of planning an effective e-trade site. Providing a simple purchasing knowledge for your clients is something what customers look for. Clients tend to impart negative encounters so give them to simple route and all the obliged data.
  • Everyone in web configuration is acquainted with the significance of a simple to-explore site yet the greater part of the times the disadvantage to online retail comes when buyers can’t physically investigate your item. An e-business site needs to show their item in a satisfying and precise way.
  • Offices like review their truck at any area on the site or a help catch adjacent if there should arise an occurrence of any issue can do a major enchantment. Make beyond any doubt that an e-business site does not contain any broken connections which does not act as it can make your clients irritated.

At Boredbees Tech Solutions India Pvt Ltd, we represent considerable authority in giving an extensive variety of compelling e-Commerce Portals to the customers based over the globe, empowering them in expanding their business up to numerous folds. Our expert e-Commerce entry engineers are master in creating and conveying a simple to utilize and highlight rich Ecommerce site improvement arrangements, permitting you to customize your product and offerings.