About Us

Boredbees Tech Solutions India (P) Ltd is the young and promising IT Software Development Company with more than 4 years of experience.
We deliver reliable outsourced IT services of top Quality all over the world. The Company’s managing Director, Mr. Anand G Naik, was recently conferred the “Young Entrepreneur “award, at the hands of Sri Ratan Tata.

Boredbees Tech Solutions (P) Ltd is the leading business and information technology services company that deeply leverages industry and functions expertise, leading technology practise and developing an advanced global delivery model to help its clients transform their high value business process into latest technologies and empower the business performs. Boredbees Tech Solutions (P) Ltd has been successfully empowering its customers with innovative end to end technology solutions. Boredbees provides strategic outsourcing services that include enterprises solutions, supply chain management, client relationship management, web services-commerce services software based on ruby on rails, android development, engineering and product life cycle management, business process quality, business intelligence etc.

Boredbees Tech Solutions India (P) Ltd consistently demonstrates its commitment towards development of cost effective quality application, by adhering to the strict time lines.

Boredbees Tech Solutions India (P) Ltd is guided by a strong value based system which practices high level of ethics, empowerment and commitment at every level. We provide continuous value addition to our customer through a combination of a well-established business process, best practise and unique delivery models.The software delivery mechanism at Boredbees Tech Solutions (P) Ltd consistently aims at providing customised solutions to the satisfaction of the customers.


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