Boredbees : Desktop application and Web application testing services




Desktop application testing, Client server application testing and Web application testing; these are difference types testing and they all of vary from each other. The distinction emerges in the environment in which they are tested. When you move from the desktop to the web; the control over the environment in which application testing is being done applications and you would wind up losing control over environment in which application is being tested.

You can contact Boredbees Tech Solutions for Desktop application and Web application testing services. Boredbees specializes in providing testing service that helps in reducing quality assurance issues and allow clients to focus on their core competencies

The following is a brief distinction:

Desktop application: While testing a desktop application, you are concentrating on a particular situation as it keeps running on PCs and work stations. You will test complete application extensively in classes like GUI, usefulness, Load, and backend i.e. DB.

Client server application: Herein, two parts are tried. Application is loaded on server machine and the exe of application is loaded on every client’s machine. Testing is comprehensively done on classes like GUI on both sides, functionality, Load, client-server collaboration, backend. This environment utilized here is Intranet networks. The test scenario brings awareness about the number of clients, servers as well as their locations.

Web application: The web applications are somewhat diverse and intricate to test for the fact that the tester doesn’t have much control over the application. Application is loaded on the server, the location of which may or may not be known and no exe is installed on the client machine, you have to test it on different web browsers. The main aim behind testing the Web application is to test its browser compatibility and operating system compatibility, error handling, static pages, backend testing and load testing.


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