Website relevance for small businesses

Website relevance for small businesses
Numerous small businesses operate in India as well as abroad without paying much focus towards possessing a website of their own. But herein, we wish to acquaint you with the fact that website is a necessity irrespective of whether the business is large scale or small. Possessing a website gives access to increased number of conversions via walk-ins, phone calls, emails, social following and so on. These conversions ultimately bring forth leads for the business and this is what businesses actually strive for.

Website is very critical to increase the sales and have your business thrive through the competition. Hence, mere development of the site too won’t solve the purpose until it succeeds in engaging the customers and compels them to convert into a lead.

Below listed are few techniques that make the site apt to fetch conversions:

  1. The website should be adept with the basics like apt domain name, attractive logo and images, distinct sections for the products or services you deal in, easy navigation, good design and hosting.
  2.  Access to website analytics is a necessity to track how visitors are entering the website and what they are doing, once they enter. Its free and is capable of ensuring whether the website performance is upto the mark or not.
  3.  The website has to be mobile optimized for the mere reason that most people use their handsets for accessing websites and in case the loading time is more than 3 seconds they tend to leave that page. Also in case of e commerce websites shopping cart should be optimized for mobile or there should be a good app to make the purchase easy.
  4.  Blogging has become a trend and it evolves an individual or brand as a thought leader in the sector that they deal in. Via blog you can easily connect and communicate with your clients by adding rich and engaging content. This also helps in driving traffic to your website.
  5. The contact information should be located very strategically so that it easily gets noticed to the customers.
  6. Calls to Action are surely an important point to keep in view. CTAs turn conversions into sales; hence, make them big, bold and obvious. Otherwise, if a customer can’t find the ‘click-to-buy’ button, they may not buy.
  7. Escalate the social engagement by drafting posts that engage more of the target audience and hence end up fetching an increased number of followers and comments. Add social buttons to all of your pages to get more shares and likes.

Let your website act as an important agent for escalating the sales.

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