Medicinal plants and their health benefits


Medicinal plants have been used by human beings from centuries to improve and soothe health problems. They are considered as rich resources of ingredients that can be used in drug development and synthesis. These plants play a critical role in the development of human cultures around the whole world.

Use of plants as a source of medicine has been an ancient practice and is an important component of the health care system in India.

But most of the people don’t know much about these medicinal plants .To make them more aware about Medicinal plant and their importance Boredbees has created an App 101 MEDICINAL USES OF PLANTS. This app contains the list of medicinal plants and their effects on the body.

It’s a very useful and user friendly app. Also it requires a very less amount of memory i.e., only 8.3 Mb

101 MEDICINAL USES OF PLANTS App has Description as well as Tips regarding the uses and benefits of these Medicinal plants. It gives the completed description of the medicinal plants for example Holy basil (Tulsi) is a medicinal plant. It is greatly used in Ayurvedic Medicine.Tusli  contains adaptogens  which are chemicals that help in reducing  and fighting  stress and stress related problems like blood pressure and heart problems .This is a very small description about Tusli in the App you will get to know more about tulsi and other Medicinal plants.

You can also download this app from the link given below


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