101 energy conservation tips: An app by Boredbees

101 energy conservation App

Energy conservation means to use less amount of energy services in order to reduce the consumption of energy  by human beings and make him less dependent on it.For the conservation of energy Boredbees has created an app  i.e., 101 Energy conservation tips.

You can download this app directly by going to Google play and it require a very less amount of space i.e., only 2.2 Mb in your phone. Also it’s a user friendly app and it will be very easy for you to use this app.

When you will open this app you will definitely find it a very useful app because it gives a short description about each and every place where you can save energy .For example in Bathroom you can save energy  by avoid battery-powered device , ventilate and heat correctly etc.

Just by following this steps that is given in the app by Boredbeeds you can save your money, energy as well helping in reducing pollution.

As a human being it’s our duty to reduce the consumption of energy because energy resources are very limited and most of the sources that we used cannot be reused and renewed.

You can also download this app from the following link given below:

Click here 


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