Arivu’: Soft skills training app From Boredbees Tech Solutions

Boredbees Tech Solutions developed an android app for “Arivu”– the soft skills development academy. The increasingly competitive world has no space for mediocre. You need to portray exemplary skills in order to make that first impression and perform well in the assigned role. Having mentioned the term “skills”, we mean both academic know how as well as the soft skills. In most cases the individuals are well equipped with the subject knowledge but lack at soft skills which are much desired when you have to deal with people in an organization. As is said “Need is the mother of invention”; the necessity to attain these much desired skills has given rise to the app “Arivu”.

Boredbees Tech Solutions developed an android app for “Arivu”- the soft skills development academy. Arivu is a Sanskrit word meaning “Knowledge and wisdom”. In today’s context Professionals as well students from Arts, Science, Commerce and Management Studies, who strive for excellence, are confronted with an employment scenario which records dissatisfaction over their efficacy status. The app would make attaining these skills simpler and cost effective. The fact that, even those students from IITs & IIMs have to strive hard for procuring employment even though they possess the desired qualification. But in the present competitive scenario, the organizations require only who possess the streak of excellence.

Arivu aims at an influencing process by which the efficiency of the individual will increase and the app thus developed would make it easier for an individual to know about the various courses available and choose the desired one. Here, the participants who are unconscious of their incompetence are made conscious so that they could evolve their skills for better career ahead. Once this is done he or she is helped to consciously perform the competence. Subsequently through continuous practice the person exhibits the competence rather unconsciously without effort.

You can download this app from the following link:


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