Boredbees Tech Solutions:Use BeeUnion App Get Contacts And SMS

Boredbees Tech Solutions:BeeUnion

Now you can get contact details or SMS from any android or non-android phone, Boredbees tech solutions has developed an app, BeeUnion. The main aspect of this BeeUnion is to fetch the contact details and SMS from any android or non-android cell.
By using a non-android or android cell phone we can fetch the contact details of the android cell provided he/she must be knowing that with what name the contact is saved.

Last three messages can be fetched using the same procedure as specified above and the exact format for fetching the details is mentioned below.
How to use this application:
A user needs to be set a password to this application while installing and they may also change this password in future as according to their need. This password will be set for the security purpose.
To fetch contact details:password,GET_CONTACT,contact_name
To fetch last 3 SMS:password,GET_SMS
From remote place also you can access the information, there is no limitation of distance.
No need of internet or Wi-Fi connection.
From any non-android or android cell you can fetch the contact or SMS details.
For security purpose password has been set.

Compatible to all size screens even for tabs.
Not necessary of any mobile device connectivity like,Bluetooth,Infrared,GPS,Wi-Fi etc.
A simple text SMS need to send to fetch the details.

You can Download this application from the link Below:


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