BoredBees : Real Estate Software Solutions

Real Estate Software Solutions at Boredbees
Real Estate Software Solutions at Boredbees

Real estate sector is one of the most promising industries, when it comes to generating of early ROIs. However, proper management of documents related to sales, inspections, planning and mortgage processing requires a meticulous strategy & long time period to implement. That’s why complex real estate software solutions are widely used to ensure make the processing efficient, effective and reliable. These ingeniously designed and effectively developed solutions thus assist the companies in keeping the investments low and acquiring high revenue figures. Boredbees Tech Solutions specializes in designing and development of software solutions that allows a centralized, comprehensively searchable access to documentations, plans and maps, while supporting a thriving business. It’s real estate business-related solutions focus on streamlined operations, blended with functionality like real estate analytic, property accounting and administration. Boredbees‘s software solutions enable the enterprise in integrating projects and finances to increase productivity and improve the accuracy of record-keeping. In addition, they also assist the in project management, document and record management, scheduling, searching functionality and ensuring a streamline workflow. Also it’s professionals strive hard to deliver the right real estate software solutions, as per your business needs, by utilizing the most advance technologies and professional expertise. Boredbees’s comprehensive and flexible solutions offer:

  • Lease abstracting & Cash flow modeling
  • Lease Administration & data management.
  • Common area maintenance audits / reconciliations.
  • Acquisition analysis.
  • Property performance reporting and audits.
  • Lease accounting.
  • Real estate expense management.

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