BoredBees Tech Solutions: A Future Ready Engineering and Industrial Service

BoredBees : Engineering and Industrial Services

From the shop floor to the back office, manufacturing and automotive businesses have become highly complex and increasingly dependent on global operations, partnerships, and supply chains. Technology can play an important role for your enterprise, connecting every step from the first stage of R&D to the day your product hits the shelves or the road. Advanced information and communication technologies can help you shorten lead times, place right-sized orders as needed, or customize products and vehicles. Along the way, you can remotely manage equipment, design more efficient operations, analyze new data sets, and defend against cyber threats. Capabilities like these can help you stay flexible in the midst of changing market conditions and meet the rapidly evolving wants and needs of your customers.

Boredbees  offers comprehensive customized industrial services and solutions providing each customer exactly the services that meet their requirements in the very best way, this is the principle that drives peak performance at Boredbees Tech Solutions.

REMOTE MONITORING: Manege assets Remotely, Without Losing Shift Of Performance

Geographically dispersed assets take time, resources, and funding to secure and support. To maintain accountability and manage your assets, you may need to send employees to job sites or invest in dedicated monitoring systems. Now, with remote monitoring solutions for automotive and manufacturing organizations, you can access real-time information from virtually anywhere, so you can get accurate insights into conditions.

With Remote Monitoring solutions, you can:

  Manage operating costs with better awareness of your assets.

  Create innovative business models to increase revenue.

  Improve available capacity and control of facilities.

CONDITION-BASED MAINTENANCE : Diagnose Your Equipment from Just About Anywhere

With complex manufacturing equipment, even one day offline can have a million-dollar impact. You can better avoid such costly disruptions with real-time equipment monitoring and maintenance alerts. Condition-Based Maintenance solutions help you manage the status and performance of some of your most valuable assets. So even if you’re not on site, you can still monitor operations, reduce delays, and control costs by keeping tabs on maintenance—all while saving time and money on labor.

With Condition-Based Maintenance solutions, you can:

  Quickly detect changes in equipment condition.

  Diagnose equipment and machinery remotely.


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