BoredBees Enterprise Solutions

BoredBees Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise Solutions provide value for an enterprise not just by leveraging technology but also by helping drive business – through best of breed business processes, facilitating staged deployment across global operations to maximize benefits and help manage risk. These enterprise applications have successfully transitioned within multiple technology paradigms from mainframes to the web and mobile. Boredbees Tech Solutions teams have analyzed, designed, developed, implemented, tested, maintained, migrated and supported various enterprise applications

BUSINESS CONTINUITY : Stay up running and ahead of the competition

 BoredBees Business Continuity solutions for technology and professional services organizations help protect your operations, by providing redundant networking and back-up via the cloud so you can keep your business running.

Our Business Continuity solutions can help you:

  Disaster-proof your communications.

  Maintain operations even during extended outages.

MOBILE OFFICE : Keep project moving forward , even from the field

Remarkable things happen when you take your office on the go. Productivity increases. Performance improves. And best of all, you can better serve your clients with secure access to up-to-date information no matter where you’re working.

With Mobile Office solutions, you can:

  Build client relationships based on personalized experiences.

  Turn time away from the office into billable hours.

  Monitor employee productivity across your organization.

  Share and collaborate in real time.

SALES FORCE AUTOMATION : Win customer and influence Sales

Give your sales teams an advantage over the competition by enabling access to critical information when they’re on the road. Sales Force Automation solutions can help you increase sales productivity while controlling costs.

With Sales Force Automation, you can:

  Increase visibility into the sales cycle.

  Manage employee devices from a single console.

  Deliver exceptional customer service and support.


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