BoredBees: Management and Deployment of IT in a business

Our strength lies in our ability to build long lasting two way relationships which are mutually beneficial and that the services that we can offer will assist a company in its deployment and utilisation of IT solutions.

We aim to assist and make a positive contribution to the management and deployment of IT in a business and to ensure that IT staff can concentrate on supporting the business with the ability to utilise the experience and service of boredbees and when required to assist with IT matters. At boredbees we endeavor to build long lasting relationships with customers, we are confident that we can provide an unparalleled service in terms of technical expertise and customer service.

We already have experience in working with other specialist organisations for the delivery of a complex solution and feel that this experience will enable us to pull together the correct team to deliver the required solution to customer in time and to an agreed budget. our reactive support services ensure that issues can be promptly dealt with; also the ability to offer flexible support services that can range from a standard on site response times though to regular on site attendance.


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